Culture Changers: Management of High Impact Entrepreneurs

In his new Harvard Business School course, Creative High-Impact Ventures: entrepreneurs who have changed the world, Professor Mukti Khaire explores how managers can work with producers of six “cultural industries”: publishing, fashion, art, cinema, music and food , by Sean

Altruistic Capital: Use the intrinsic goodwill of your employees

Everyone comes to the table with a certain amount of “altruistic capital” to serve a store of intrinsic desire, says Professor Nava Ashraf. Her research includes a study on what motivates hairdressers in Zambia best to offer HIV / AIDS

The family business lead: you need a village

Is it better to run a family business with a leader or an ultimate team? John A. Davis, an expert in family business, publishes a series of articles on governance models. Editor’s Note: This is the first of the occasional

Family business management: Leadership roles

Poorly designed leadership roles create a family business in the event of failure. John A. Davis proposes a system that produces the determination and consistency needed for long-term performance. by John A. Davis Editor’s Note: This is part of a

A manual for job creation in small businesses

Karen Mills has resigned as an SBA trustee for a Harvard Joint Scholarship to address a problem she has faced throughout her career: how can the US drive innovation and create jobs? ? by Carmen Nobel As director of the

Management of the family business: Secret Sauce Survival

According to John Davis, a family-care expert, the secret sauce to survive from generation to generation consists of three main ingredients: growth, talent, and unity. The secret sauce of long-term commercial success can not be captured in numbers. As a